Camping facilities


Sinks with hot and cold water.

Our sinks are an essential facility in our camping site, providing our guests with a place to wash and rinse their kitchen utensils and dishes. Campers can enjoy the convenience of cleaning, hygiene, and eating utensils.

Kitchen utensils and dishes used to prepare raw food can harbor harmful bacteria, and proper washing helps prevent foodborne illnesses. Our camping site provides a suitable place for campers to wash and rinse their utensils, reducing the risk of contracting illnesses and staying healthy while enjoying their vacation time.

We understand that having a dedicated space for washing and rinsing utensils allows campers to keep their kitchen equipment clean and free from bacteria, enabling them to enjoy healthy and safe meals. It also saves them time and effort by not having to search for an appropriate place to wash their utensils, enhancing the overall camping experience.

Considering the environment, the facilities housing our sink service are crucial in the camping site, enabling guests to save time and resources. Campers can wash their dishes and utensils in a clean and hygienic sink instead of having to buy and dispose of disposable paper or plastic plates and utensils. This not only saves money in the long run but also reduces the amount of waste generated in the camping site, which is beneficial for the environment.

Our camping site’s sinks have both cold and hot water supply to cater to our guests’ needs. It is important to emphasize that regular washing of utensils and dishes helps prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria, which can be particularly important in a camping environment where campers share facilities and may be exposed to a higher amount of germs and bacteria. Additionally, the sinks allow our campers to maintain clean and tidy kitchen and camping areas.

Our sinks are designed to be communal and are located in convenient areas of the camping site, such as shared kitchen areas or near camping zones. They are equipped with faucets that provide both cold and hot water, allowing our guests to wash their utensils efficiently and comfortably.

Furthermore, at our camping site, we promote water conservation practices. We encourage our guests to use water responsibly when washing their utensils, avoiding leaving the taps running unnecessarily and using only the necessary amount of water.

It’s also important to highlight that our sinks are designed and maintained to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. Regular cleaning and disinfection of the sinks are conducted, and necessary supplies such as soap and paper towels are provided so that guests can maintain a clean and sanitary environment while using these facilities.

In summary, our sinks are an integral part of our camping site, providing our guests with the convenience and ease of washing and rinsing their kitchen utensils and dishes. Additionally, we promote water conservation practices and maintain a high standard of hygiene to ensure a pleasant and healthy experience for all our campers.