Camping facilities


Our camp store, also known as a mini supermarket, is an important part of the guest experience at our campground. It provides convenience, a variety of products, time and money savings, customer service, and assistance in emergency situations. We offer all our guests the option to purchase a wide range of products, from basic food items and beverages to personal hygiene products and other essentials to meet their needs during their stay at our campground.

The camp store offers personalized and friendly service to guests, which can enhance the overall camping experience. Employees typically provide recommendations and assistance in product selection, which is especially helpful for those who are unfamiliar with the area or need to find products that suit their dietary needs.

The products in our store make a significant difference in the guest experience. The convenience and variety of available products, along with time savings, customer service, and assistance in emergency situations, make our camp store a vital element of our campground.

In the camp’s mini supermarket, you will find bread and pasta, canned goods, refrigerated and frozen items, beverages, and all the basic products you may need on a day-to-day basis. We also offer a wide variety of fresh seasonal products, primarily fruits and vegetables. If you are staying at our campground and have any urgent needs or need a recommendation regarding any of our food products, feel free to ask our employees.

In our store, we are at your service to answer any questions and make your stay as comfortable as possible.