Recycling bins

The Consell Comarcal del Baix Empordà has launched a campaign to promote recycling at the campsites , so that together we can save our planet. The campaign has provided us with containers for each type of waste and packs with different bags ( with the corresponding color of each container ) and a prospectus for site users to separate easily.

During the high season can be a lot of people in a campground , which means a very high amount of waste . We not only have to know how to separate the garbage, but also when we can reuse something. Reusing things can get so useful and showy as they did last week in the Kids Club with plastic bottles and cardboard rolls.

That is why, by our seemingly small gesture or however short our stay at the campsite, it is important that we work together because together we add and we can be kinder to the environment and further enjoy nature. We will do a favor to ourselves and all living things around us.